Prefabricated houses

IFA GROUP designs and builds quality design full optional housing solutions , guaranteeing higher comfort obtained from an environment recreated inside a container, fully allowing the customer to choose the accessories and equipment, but providing assistance in every technical detail; the customer has the same decision-making power regarding the choice of the wide range of external finishes that the company offers (from the simple colouring of the walls of the housing container to coating solutions in varied materials , wood, stoneware, metal plates, ventilated walls, etc.) as well as the choice of interior finishes: wall coverings and masonry screen prints, floors and walls, creativity in interior furnishings and construction and decorative details.

With these options it is possible to provide inside a housing container everything used in a traditional home (appliances, induction hobs, traditional and microwave ovens, televisions, duvets and blankets, carpets, beds with containers, etc.) , but with the advantage of significantly lower prices. These are functional environments equipped with all the typical comforts of a normal home , but with the advantage of being able to count on the mobility of the property, on its customised, precise and accurate design, with the benefit of a very short execution time, even in extreme environmental conditions.

Advantages of prefabricated houses

  • Low transport costs – each room is designed to provide maximum comfort within a prefabricated unit in terms of compliance with intermodal transport standards.
  • Minimum costs – the housing modules are designed and equipped to obtain large and comfortable environments at minimum costs and with significantly reduced times compared to traditional building, while preserving the desirable features and the certifications of conformity required by the law in force in building matters.
  • Quality – prefabricated houses have the advantage of being produced in dry and clean manufacturing plants, where the temperature is constant. This makes it possible to work with a high degree of accuracy, regardless of weather conditions, which greatly accelerates the manufacturing, delivery and installation process.
  • Modularity – residential prefabricated houses may be coupled and/or overlapped to create more spacious and comfortable environments, tailored to the different needs of customers.
  • Comfort – each prefabricated house is completely autonomous in terms of electricity, water and gas facilities and equipment. They also have a bed, living room, bathroom and kitchen stove compartment with furnishings.
  • Customisation – prefabricated buildings fully allow the customer to choose the colours and characteristics of the walls and furnishings. Furthermore, the offer also includes accessories and optional offerings, making it ever more suited to the demands and needs of customers.
  • Finance solutions – financial solutions may be customised, from the direct purchase of the housing module to the long-term rental of the home container with final purchase option.

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