Air processing unit

Air processing units are developed to handle the most demanding service in the industry, guaranteeing the protection of people and technological equipment in environments where there are volatile pollutants, high concentrations of dust and aggressive atmospheres.

The air-conditioned, purified and pressurised container is subdivided into two or more environments: the first environment is for compensation and the following are intended for people and for the storage of technological equipment. The purified air introduced into the compensation environment then flows outwards through special ventilation grids.

When the fan starts operating, the entire container is pressurised with filtered air through the filter battery (multi-filter purifier), ​​organised as follows:

  • dirty air intake plenum , of the appropriate shape and size, for the correct distribution of the air over the entire front area of the filtering section;
  • pre-filtering section for the elimination of coarse powders suspended in the air. It is made up of washable filters;
  • air filtration section consisting of multi-compartment filters made of our special fabric and arranged such as to have a high surface area of ​​filtration and accumulation in a reduced space, supported by suitable steel frames that may be easily extracted from the filtering unit;
  • filtration section consisting of activated carbon adsorbent filters contained in special cells, with a high filtration and accumulation surface;
  • large chamber to collect the purified air, to contain speed and reduce turbulence, which includes a motor-suction unit;
  • electric fan, with high-power and high-performance simple suction operation.

Particular attention is paid to maintenance so that it is simple, with reduced implementation.