Box and container rental

IFA GROUP sells and hires out units and containers, both new and used, offering the most comprehensive service possible. By renting, you can keep down your costs and make use of the product you need only for as long as you need it, avoiding wasted money.

Available immediately

The wide availability of products that are ready for rental and the high productive capacity of the group allows it to offer fast delivery times even for extremely complex orders.

Non-standard solutions

All series structures, which are standardised to contain costs, are complemented by tailored productions that are designed to meet clients’ individual requirements. Every solution is entrusted to the IFA GROUP Technical Office to be examined and planned with the greatest attention to detail, resulting in a high-quality product that is durable and conforms with relevant regulations.

Savings and flexibility

By renting, you can modify and adapt your rental spaces at any time to match the requirements of your commission, avoiding capital expenditure. Furthermore, all rental fees are completely and immediately tax-deductible, offering significant economic savings.

Maximum efficiency

Before delivery, the products are checked, cleaned and sanitised by a qualified team to guarantee high standards of functionality at a very low cost, including future maintenance. The company’s mission is to remain true to the production philosophy that has allowed us to become a certified UNI EN ISO 9001 company, with the aim of offering our clients maximum professionalism and quality at low costs, as well as offering emergency assistance within 48 hours.

Redemption form

During the rental period, the client always has the option of redeeming part of the amount paid for rental, if the decision is made to purchase the unit and/or container that has been rented.

Do you need a rental?

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